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“Most people work just hard enough to not get fired and earn just enough money not to quit.” George Carlin, 1937-2008

Have you been scratching your head lately about why your team seems to have lost its focus or isnt fully engaged? Are there moments that people seem to be putting their heads down, physically present yet less than creative and certainly not maximizing their individual strengths?

You’re not alone if you’ve ever personally experienced a lack of engagement or noticed it in others. According to Forbes Entrepreneur, 70% of employees are disengaged.

Your team is better than that!

You’re too good to be part of that 70% or to let George Carlin’s quote become reality. If you want to create an environment that fosters full engagement, people feeling good about their contributions and collaborating more intentionally through leveraging their strengths, read a bit more.

Successful leaders understand the costs of disengagement.

The cost of conflict, inefficiency and indifference is enormous. It results in a return on the organization’s biggest investment — people — being far less than it could be. Ideas and innovations repeatedly come from the same individuals

  • Ideas and innovations repeatedly come from the same individuals
  • Projects are overdue or exceed budget
  • Clients and customers complain about slow service or errors
  • Employees bicker about seemingly insignificant things
  • Absenteeism is high and turnover is increasing
What causes disengagement?

It’s simple — Emphasizing completion of tasks at the expense of relationships rather than maximizing relationships that allow individuals to do what they each do best. What I mean is that every person in your organization brings talent, skill and experience to work as well as a unique set of strengths. In our competitive and fast-paced world, many of us have gotten into the habit of failing to identify and deploy individuals’ strengths. We’re focusing on achieving results at the expense of relationships instead of building relationships that produce extraordinary results while allowing people to feel inspired, give their all and work collaboratively. Does that make sense?

Now imagine leading your team to the next level.

You’re no longer leaving strength deployment to chance. You’ve developed a strategy where leveraging strengths is an integral part of individual and team development. You’ve created a culture where employees are motivated to work better, grow together and stay longer. Productivity and employee engagement sky rocket!

You can create that reality. The next step is a 15-minute call away.

You’ll find out how to inspire a single individual or a whole team to identify and leverage their strengths more fully using Strength Deployment Inventory®. Schedule a 15-minute, no-obligation conversation with a DiamondMind Enterprises partner today. We’ll learn about each other and discuss ways to quickly and easily activate the existing strengths of the people in your organization. You may even qualify for a free assessment and debrief.

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